We design captivating websites,
help search enginesfindthem,
and develop successful online
marketing strategies.

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We’re a little different.

We're a Little DifferentWe understand that
your website is an investment.

Whether we’re designing a website
or conducting an SEO campaign,
we focus our efforts on delivering what’s most important to you:

That’s the Refresh difference:
We make your goals our goals.

We're a Little Different

Your success online
starts with
a stunning website.

Refresh-designed websites are always
beautiful, modern, and engaging.

Our relentless focus on the user experience
ensures that your first-time visitors become returning customers.

We're a Little Different

What good is a website if no one knows it exists?

Refresh uses Search Engine Optimization
to get you to the top of search results,
so customers find your business
instead of the other guy.

Because we're data hounds, we also
track your visitor metrics, and use
what we learn to continually
refine and improve your site.

We're a Little Different

We will ensure that your website is
easy for you to maintain and update.

Or, if you don't have time to add
"updating a website" to your plate,
we'd be glad to do it for you.

Either way, the experience of
working with a Refresh-built site is
always smooth and simple.

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We believe that every business has
unique online needs.

Whether you're looking for a
fresh design perspective or want
to market your current site,
Refresh can propose a
personalized package that
suits your needs AND your budget.

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Refresh Web Design Portfolio | Unboxed Technology

Unboxed Technology

Unboxed came to Refresh early, with little but a logo in terms of branding. They gave us a freedom of design we rarely enjoy, and our designers ran with it. We wanted the website to be fresh, exciting and modern—something that would represent what it was like to work with Unboxed.

In addition to the groundbreaking design, we worked with Unboxed to develop a client portal system, a careers board, and an easy-to-use content management system that the entire Unboxed team can access and edit.

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Feb 09

The Google Ad During Super Bowl XLIV: How Hell Froze Over

In the days leading up to February 7, 2010, there was much online speculation about a rumor that Google would air an advertisement during Super Bowl XLIV. Certain people claiming to be “in the know” were certain that it would happen, but many found it hard to believe. That skepticism…


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