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How important are incoming links?

Posted by Ben in SEO

Alternatively, this post could have been titled, “Do I REALLY need to conduct a link building campaign?”

I think everyone asks this question because they are hoping to find the answer they WANT to hear. Something like, “A link building campaign? Nahhh, you don’t need one of those!” Unfortunately, it’s my job to bear the bad news (which you probably know deep down already!)

Here’s the short answer: Incoming links are VERY important, and YES, you need to conduct a link building campaign. Strategic on-page optimization is still the first step of an SEO campaign, but incoming links are necessary for genuine success.

All search engines are not created equal, and it’s really Google that values incoming links more than anyone else. So if you are only interested in your site ranking well in Yahoo, then perhaps you can discount my advice and do just fine without seeking out links. But how many of us does this really describe? For better or for worse, Google is the 800 pound gorilla of search, so if you want SEO success, you gotta play the game Google’s way.

Once you’re on board with this cold, cold truth, there are some things you should know about acquiring those precious incoming links…

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