What is “me nofollow”?

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I have heard several people asking lately,

“What is me nofollow?”

And that tells me that they have been trying to analyze the value of outgoing links on Twitter. If that describes you, then good for you! You are thinking about SEO the right way by examining Twitter’s source code to see if it allows search engines spiders to follow outbound links.

You probably already know that the dreaded “nofollow” appearing in the HTML of all of Twitter’s outbound links means that no, search engines will not count those links. Now, when someone posts a link to their own website in the bio section of their Twitter page (the area to the upper right that includes name, location, etc.) Twitter adds something extra to the no follow tag. The HTML view of a link contains this:

class="url" rel="me nofollow" target="_blank" 

See that “me” appearing right before the “nofollow”? It’s just Twitter’s way of saying that the website being linked to is owned by the same person who owns this Twitter page. If I own the Twitter page, then the external website I am linking to in that area is another expression of me.

Here’s the skinny: The presence of that “me” doesn’t change anything in terms of SEO. The nofollow tag is still doing its job, same as it ever did. As far as I know, Twitter is the only website currently using this “me nofollow” tag. Perhaps its use will spread, and perhaps it won’t…but unless the nofollow goes away, all you need to know is that it’s not going to help your SEO campaign.

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Comments (39)

  • Clayburn on March 03

    I find this interesting.  Google already has a way of linking all your supposed “me” sites through your profile, so when people search for you they get you and websites your associated with.  Using the me attribute could be useful if more people would implement it.

  • sri lankan girls on March 28

    this type of linking use in google profile pages

  • Holistic Thought on June 25

    Youtube also uses me nofollow in the link we give in About me section.

  • Louise on September 17

    hubpages.com also uses rel=“me nofollow”. As you said, a nofollow is a nofollow.

  • Ahmed Salah on September 26

    I search for the same meaning too
    what is “me nofollow”
    I found they use it in all profile page for every social websites like twitter , youtube,..

  • Induktionsherd on February 05

    Youtube also uses rel=“me nofollow”.

  • Smantha Webburr on April 05

    hubpages, youtobe & pintrest are also using me nofollow tag..

  • Swati Dhingra on April 29

    Some other website are using me nofollow link. In my opinion me no follow is more dangerous than the no follow. since me no follow will not pass any juice..

  • Chris on August 25

    But why the heck would it matter to put ME there… what “say” this to the search engine… it doesn’t Actually verify that its “you” since anyone can link to someone elses website… seems weird

  • Rayn on November 03

    me = its your link..
    nofollow = doesn’t pass on page rank.

  • Indian railway pnr status on November 14

    i think no me follow may not give the juice

  • list on November 21

    So youtube doesn’t trust its users that’s why they put nofollow

  • Flight pnr status check on February 02

    In short does not pass the link juice, so no page rank increase.

  • Nitin Maheta on February 13

    This type of tag also used by YouTube as well. anyway, thanks for the great information smile

  • Rahul on March 06

    True Nitin, youtube uses this while mentioning link to the G+ profile.

  • Alianzared on April 30

    Indeed instagram uses this code. But inverted rel = “nofollow me”.

  • A. Malz on May 03

    This type of tag also used by YouTube as well. anyway, thanks for the information smile

  • Kizi on May 19

    That’s why “nofollow” is created as an attribute of the “rel”. Also, do not necessarily put “nofollow” to all links on the Site. Also, do not necessarily put “nofollow” to all links on the Site, we can customize the selected attribute set on any one particular link in page. than’k post.!

  • Yeni on August 30

    It is a part of the identity consolidation efforts and represents a value of profile equivalence. The tag looks like this: rel=”me” but can also be used in conjunction with other tags. For more information on rel me microformat visit http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-me

  • noufal on September 22

    It found Google+ about>link section, I don’t know why Google not give a dofollow link?

  • Axel on October 14

    dribbble also uses the me nofollow

  • AlexBorsody on March 19

    these are two separate tags, it’s not one tag.

    each rel attributes

  • کوادکوپتر on April 25

    Well, I noticed that “soundcloud” is also using “me nofollow”. Thanks for the info.

  • Marc on May 13

    Haha, thanks, I was just searching for this and u rank no 1 @ Google!

  • Karan Bhagat on June 20

    There are many websites which uses re=“me nofollow” attribute, mostly people know about the highly popular ones but there are more even, for example : polyvore.com, it also uses the same.

  • John on September 28

    I have been using rel=“me nofollow” on all out social media links that the site owns—Does this hold any value in comparison to normal nofollow link out to a social page?

  • Translation in Malaysia on September 29

    Very helpful

  • khamis on September 29

    well this is the perfect answer to my question.
    translation in malaysia

  • Happy on January 26

    Great article. If only we all had a friend at Google!

  • Point 908 on February 04

    some wiki profiles too uses me nofollow.. it was confusing then i saw this article.

  • Renee Hudson on February 06

    Most annoying…  I put tons of effort into setting up my social media profiles, and it doesn’t seem to be helping my site SEO at all!

  • Francisco on March 05

    thanks for the info

  • KSR on April 09

    Youtube is using this tag too. At least they are using it at “Abbout me” page, where you are allowed to link to your accounts at another social media or even link your own website.

  • Waldemar on June 08

    Vielen Dank für diese Erklärung. VG

  • Muzammil Hussain on September 28

    Very Usefull info for Tea Importer Dubai

  • sri on October 24

    Thanks !!
    Very helpful article ..

  • Washeen's SEO on October 27

    I see, first time this was heard about me nofollow. Informative content.

  • ebusinessfunda on July 31

    It’s a vary useful information for me. thank you for sharing

  • ORM on October 05

    this one also using rel=me nofollow tag. i think it is becoming more common. this is making nofollow more dreaded btw. search enigine before rel= me thought that its nofollow link link but maybe its an organic link posted by organic user. but not anymore the me attribute shows that this link is posted by the same person who is the owner of this website as well as this channel .

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