PCC Multisite Church web design

PCC Multisite Church

PCC provides church services at three physical locations in central Virginia as well as offering their service live online each Sunday.

Refresh worked with PCC to develop a site which highlights their live video and archives of past services. PCC required an events calendar for their myriad activities in the community.

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Monticello - Heritage Harvest Festival web design

Monticello - Heritage Harvest Festival

The Heritage Harvest Festival at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is an annual family-oriented, educational event promoting gardening, sustainability, local food, and the preservation of heritage plants.

Refresh worked with Monticello to create a modern, attractive site which marketed the festival’s many categories of events and activities.

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Shenandoah County, VA web design

Shenandoah County, VA

The design incorporates the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley and keeps a close focus on the user experience to funnel visitors to the information they need in the quickest route possible. Contact information is available on every page and a helpful “How Do I” section on each page targets the most common reasons for visits to the site and directs users accordingly.

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U.Va. Alumni Association & Office of Engagement web design

U.Va. Alumni Association & Office of Engagement

The U.Va. Alumni Association web site is a melting pot of alumni information. Refresh worked with the Association to integrate third-party RSS feeds, social media feeds and content from external web sites. Refresh designed the site using larger than normal images to draw user attention and give alumni the feeling of being back on Grounds. Refresh optimized the site for quick page load times even with the added weight of large images.

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Rosemont of Virginia web design

Rosemont of Virginia

Rosemont of Virginia is an award-winning, top quality winery and vineyard in southern Virginia.

Refresh worked with Rosemont to integrate their new branding into a design which exemplified the beauty and nature of their location while positioning their wines for sale on the site.

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Schnabel Engineering web design

Schnabel Engineering

Refresh worked with Schnabel to create a captivating site which would highlight the scale of their work as well as entice top talent to join their team.

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Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail web design

Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail

Volunteers with the Trail sought out Refresh to help rebrand their organization and market its member wineries to visitors traveling in from D.C., Maryland and tidewater Virginia. Refresh focused on the beauty and history of the area in the design of the new site and logo. The site now presents wineries in partnership with other activities to build a vision of what a day or weekend trip to the area might look like and hopefully draw in visitors who might otherwise overlook this engaging region.

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William & Mary - eLearning web design

William & Mary - eLearning

As eLearning accelerates across the country, Universities are looking for ways to track and share best practices among their faculty. Refresh worked with William and Mary to develop a repository and sharing site for professors to discuss and share examples of both successes and failures in this burgeoning market.

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University of Virginia Magazine web design

University of Virginia Magazine

The University of Virginia needed a website for their flagship publication, Virginia Magazine: a place to highlight their award-winning content, as well as interact with alumni and friends of the University. They also needed a way to manage this site: a robust, fully-customized content management system that would give the magazine’s editors the ability to add and edit their content easily.

Refresh worked with the editors to establish a solid information architecture and navigational structure. Our designers created a layout that is fresh and adaptable, focusing on a strong use of typography, but never overshadowing the magazine’s beautiful photography. We designed a content management solution that fit the University’s budget constraints but allowed the editors to easily upload new content, moderate user interaction, and keep track of website statistics.

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Lovingston Winery web design

Lovingston Winery

Refresh worked closely with Lovingston to emphasize brand, location and quality. In wine, sometimes the label makes the sale. Our design team expanded on Lovingston’s existing labels for design elements and color schemes; creating an unmistakable transition from shelf to site. To help visitors appreciate Lovingston’s location and proximity to cities like Lynchburg and Richmond, we created a custom map and integrated an easy-to-use search function to help wine lovers find Lovingston Wine at a store / restaurant near them.

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