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The University of Virginia Alumni Association serves over 180,000 alumni of U.Va. The association wanted to create a central web hub for all of its alumni services, to better serve constituents looking to engage with the University and its numerous activities geared towards alumni, parents and friends.

The site is a melting pot of alumni information. Refresh worked with the Association and U.Va.‘s Office of Engagement, breaking down departmental divides to create a website that best serves alumni. Each department was scrutinized in terms of how best its site or page could serve its audience. Refresh focused on user experience, conducting data analysis and extensive user testing that resulted in the creation of a user-friendly architecture and sitemap. We opened up opportunities for cross marketing to deliver the most relevant content to alumni and better promote programs and events. Refresh created a robust toolset, including a promotion engine, calendaring system and “connect” widget.

The design of the site uses large images to give alumni, parents and friends a sense of place and the feeling of being back on Grounds. Refresh optimized the site for quick page load times even with the added weight of large images. The site is fully responsive, adapting to any users device without the need for a specific mobile site.

On the back-end of the site, we developed a system of permissions and restrictions to show users in the various departments only the pages they need to see. Given a site of such massive scale, back-end workflow was crucially important and setting up appropriate walls between content, as well as easy-to-use update forms and editors, served to make site maintenance a painless task for admins.


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