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Government websites have a reputation for being confusing, disorganized and unappealing. Refresh took steps to change that reputation in the redesign of Shenandoah County’s website.

The design incorporates the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley and keeps a close focus on the user experience to funnel visitors to the information they need in the quickest route possible. Contact information is available on every page and a helpful “How Do I” section on each page targets the most common reasons for visits to the site and directs users accordingly.

The responsive design means that county residents who need to find out the hours of the landfill can do a quick check on their phone and get all the information they need in a flash.

The site is built on a WordPress multisite installation. This allows over 30 separate departments to have their own pages, images, forms and events calendars without the confusion of seeing other departments content. The multisite has the added benefit of pushing any updates across the entire site and all department sub-sites in one-click rather than making a single change 30 different times.


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