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We are a full-service provider of Internet marketing solutions. In addition to our web design and SEO services, we offer a host of Internet marketing tools designed to maximize your website’s customer impressions and conversions.

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Web Strategy ConsultingWeb Strategy Consulting

Refresh will work with you to develop an efficient and effective web strategy for your business. Our experts will guide you as we work to:

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Understand your target audience
  • Assess your competition
  • Identify key markers of success (which web metrics are important for your business?)
  • Develop a social media strategy (including Facebook and Twitter), helping you understand which outlets are appropriate for your business and which will give you the largest ROI
  • Recommend key marketing tools that will help streamline your web presence and increase your conversion rate

Conversion Maximizer (Or, Building a Better Funnel)

Every website has a goal, whether it’s selling products through an e-commerce system, or having site visitors fill out a contact form. That means your website is really like a funnel, guiding a wide range of visitors toward your ultimate goal.

Here at Refresh, we like to think of ourselves as Funnel Engineers. We analyze your visitor metrics to propose changes to your site’s flow, and then test like crazy to see if the changes increase customer conversions. You could call it something like “customer conversion maximization” … but we just call it building a better funnel.

Email Templates

If you’re interested in sending direct marketing to a bulk email list, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our custom-designed email templates are award-winning. We will focus on crafting a unique template that reflects the style of your business and your website. Our engaging motifs are never spammy, and are always designed to maximize click-through rates.

Analytics Reports

How many visitors does your website get last month? How did they find your site? Once they found your site, how long did they spend there? Did they buy something?

This type of marketing data is invaluable for a business. We will:

  • Record your website’s traffic by day, week, month, and year
  • Find out where your visitors come from, and what they click on your site
  • Track your visitors based on stated goals (when do hits turn into conversions?)

We will install analytics software to your website, giving you new insight into your Internet customer base. From there, we can train you on how to access this marketing data yourself, or we can provide you with a highlighted monthly report.

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